The Parcel Project
A parcel that makes the In-Situ network physically tangible
The Parcel Project is a collaboration of Johannes Bellinkx and Studio Daan Brinkmann. The project inhabits the new collaborative space that In Situ is creating with the UNCOMMON SPACES project the next four years. The idea is to expose the uncommon space that physically connects all the partners, artists and citizens through the perspective of a parcel. A parcel will be around in the network. It has four built-in candid camera's and microphones that can stream the footage of the journey that its making.
The footage made while travelling will be shown in an installation which looks like a big parcel/crate that you can enter. Inside there will be screens on each wall and quadrophonic sound which enables you to become the parcel itself and inhabit the space that it travels through. The box will also move and vibrate so you will sense the movements of the parcel. In that way artists, citizens and partners could for example show their studio or other spaces they inhabit. It could also be used to send something around like a 'chain letter'. Every receiver can take something out and or add something to the parcel.
Video shot with prototype parcel equipped with 4 candid camera's. The Parcel was sent from Amsterdam to Weesp
The parcel can work like a trojan horse, a camera in disguise which gives us the possibility to permeate a world or an uncommon space we otherwise would not be able to see with our eyes or inhabit with our own bodies.
It can show us the space where our delivery economy, often referred to as the sewerage of our economy, we are all using but do not see or know much about. It shows us the world of extremely large unpersonal closed off distribution centers where efficiency rules everything to the extreme. These places very often in the periphery of our cities taken away from our eyes taken away from our consciousness. This project shows us the uncommon space that is in between the moment of ordering and receiving
Concept - Johannes Bellinkx & Studio Daan Brinkmann
Touring Schedule
August 30th - September 1st // Freedom Festival Arts Trust, Hull (Great Britain)
August 14th - 18th // Theater op de Markt, Hasselt (Belgium)
June 7th - 16th // Oerol Festival, Terschelling (The Netherlands)
April 20th // Open day Het Domijn, Weesp (The Netherlands)
April 16th - 18th // Open days In-Situ Un Common Spaces Dommelhof Neerpelt (Belgium)
August // Theater op de Markt, Hasselt (Belgium)
July 9th - 18th // Over het IJ Festival - Amsterdam (Netherlands)
April 22nd - 24th // Theater Kikker / Het Huis Utrecht - Utrecht (Netherlands)
February 11th - 13th // Beyond the Black Box - Amsterdam (Netherlands)
August 14th - 16th // Noorderzon festival - Groningen (Netherlands)
July 10th - 12th // Second Preview - Amsterdam (Netherlands)
December 13rd, 14th // Winternights Festival - Maastricht (Netherlands)
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