Running Landscapes
City means two different things: one a physical place, the other a mentality composed of perceptions, behaviors and beliefs
Richard Sennett, Centennial Professor of Sociology London School of Economics
The urban arrangement of curbs, walls, quays, railways and traffic lights forms countless visible and invisible boundaries. In Running Landscapes Johannes Bellinkx and ROTOR try to open up the city by approaching it as a fluid whole.

With Parkour, Mime and a moving sound composition, Running Landscapes reorganizes the physical place. In doing so, they extend the physical and mental experience of the city we move through on a daily basis. Fly along the cities limits with the players and discover new perspectives.
Concept - Johannes Bellinkx
In association with - ROTOR Performance
Concept, play - Koen van der Heijden, Hidde Aans-Verkade
Dramaturge - Jesse van Delft
Composer - Krijn Moons
Music accompanist, technical support - Dennis van Tilburg
Cast - Students of the Mime school of the Amsterdam School of Arts
Production - Anna Huizing
Parkour - Bram Tempelaar
Coaching - Loes van der Pligt
PR - Nikla Katsburg
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