" Our brain has evolved in a way that it focusses on contrast. Black and white light-dark, large-small: the greater the distinction, the more polarized the image and the greater the impact (Donald Hoffmann). In order to properly understand the world around us, we need differentiation. This is expressed not just in contrast, but in language too. Words differentiate things conceptually. With my work, I would like people to experience that what they see in a way goes beyond this limiting notion. I hope to create space for a new, more dynamic, broader, all-embracing perspective."
Johannes Bellinkx
Johannes Bellinkx (Belgium, 1978) was educated as a social geographer at the University of Amsterdam and as a physical performer at the Amsterdam Academy for Theatre and Dance. During his studies at the theatre academy he soon developed a strong passion for making and developing his own, independent work in which he questions our perceptive systems and the (re)construction of our surroundings in our brain.

The work of Johannes Bellinkx balances between performance, live cinema, visual art and sound art. He tries to design experiences that make a philosophical, political or cultural insight tangible. In order to address all senses Bellinkx works with artists from various disciplines in changing collaborations. Bellinkx sees the process of creating a work always as a continuous conversation between the different artists he works with, the audiences that he engages, the partners involved and the spaces the work inhabits.

In 2013-2014 Bellinkx joined Oerols 'new makers programme' Atelier Oerol. In 2015 he received a research grant by the Amsterdam Arts fund commissioned by Over het IJ festival, Das Theatre and Stichting NDSM and joined the European In-Situ network as an emerging artist. At this moment Bellinkx lives and works in Amsterdam. Alongside his artistic practice he is frequently asked for artistic advice, mentoring students and initiating art projects at different art academies in the Netherlands and abroad. His work is being produced by SoAP Maastricht, C-Takt and Feikes Huis and supported by the Dutch performing arts fund (FPK) and the Amsterdam Arts Fund (AFK). Between 2020 and 2024 Bellinkx will be associate artist within the un-common spaces trajectory of the European In-Situ network.
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