Triptych of Foot Perspectives
In my work I question the way we perceive our surroundings and how our brains (re)construct our environment. In Reverse I did that by literally offering a different perspective, namely by making the audience walk backwards. And in Framing and Continuum by creating new conditions or frameworks through which the environment was viewed.

Although I design live experiences, there is always an important cinematic element in my work, without using a camera or projection. Triptych of foot perspectives is my first video work. In which I was able to explore my curiosity about what the world would look like if our eyes were in our feet and what if these eyes looked in opposite directions?

As with Framing and Reverse, I consciously chose public space as the 'environment' for this work. For us, public spaces are common and we move through them on a daily basis because we are so acquainted with them they provide a strong reference point in my work. In addition to the new perspectives I try to offer, there is also an important physical element. How can camera movement convey the physicality of a moving foot? What does it say about how we move or how the world moves around us?"
Johannes Bellinkx
Concept and camera - Johannes Bellinkx
Edit -Saskia Habermann
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