In a dark room, sixteen illuminated ice-sculptures are hanging in an oval shape. The sculptures represent a leg, a hand, a face, an arm… At the centre of the oval, barely lit, a man is sitting in a chair hanging from the ceiling. The weight of the ice keeps him hovering. As the ice is slowly melting, drops of melt water are caught in glass bowls. The ongoing melting process, makes John descent gradually, while the sculptures slowly ascend. Every now and then, a chunk of ice breaks off and falls, causing an imbalance and John's abrupt descent over several feet. Revelation is a monumental and versatile performance that questions identity, religion and social behaviour in today's representational society.
Concept and performance - Johannes Bellinkx
Performance - Marijn Brussaard
Artistic advice - Loes van der Pligt
Technical support - Guido Bevers, Ed Vossen
Stage light - Rody van Gessel, Thomas Loyd
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